About Kelvin TOP-SET

Kelvin TOP-SET is a world-leading provider of Professional Incident Investigation Training, Software and  Services.

Headquartered in Scotland with business units in the Americas and Australasia, Kelvin TOP-SET works with  companies across all industries to develop incident investigation and problem-solving capacity to improve  health, safety, environmental, quality, security and operational performance.

For the last 35 years, the Kelvin TOP-SET Incident investigation System has been used by companies such  as Shell, A.P. Møller-Mærsk, Syngenta, Seadrill, Bouygues, Heathrow Airport, London Underground,  Petronas, Hutchison Port Holdings (HPH) and MODEC. 

Kelvin TOP-SET continues to deliver a range of training courses and services both traditionally (face to face)  in over 40 countries worldwide, and remotely using the world-leading online Kelvin TOP-SET Cloud  Classroom environment.

As part of the service offering, Kelvin TOP-SET has also investigated some of the world’s most serious  incidents – the most notable is the Gulf of Mexico ‘Deepwater Horizon’ incident in 2010. As part of the  company’s organisational learning approach, ‘learnings’ gleaned from carrying out investigations are fed  back into the course materials so that delegates benefit from industry-wide best practice.

The main ‘selling points’ of the company are as follows:

  1. The Kelvin TOP-SET Incident Investigation Process is easy to learn, understand and, most importantly, apply to investigations of any type / level of incident in every organisation.
  2. The significant experience of Course Tutors, Investigators and the Course Development Team, many of whom are leading experts in their field, ensuring that delegates ‘learn from the best’.
  3. The array of courses available ensures that there is an Incident Investigation and Problem-Solving Course available for everyone at each level of the organisation, e.g. a 4-hour, CPD accredited online Course, through to the Kelvin TOP-SET 3-Day Senior Investigator Course, to a half-day course for Senior Executives to assist with managing the entire incident investigation process within their organisation.
  4. A customer-centric passion for ensuring organisations and industries learn from incidents in order to  prevent reoccurrence and improve performance.
The Kelvin TOP-SET Incident Investigation Process

By using this proven 6-step process to investigate 

incidents, investigators and companies alike benefit from 

consistent investigations and a robust and standardised 

approach to writing effective results.

The key steps are colour coded throughout the process 

for ease-of-use; where the TOP-SET process excels (and 

where it differs from many other investigation systems) 

is that it guides users through a key stage of the 

investigation process – Planning.

The Kelvin TOP-SET process uses a set of indicators, 

commonly found in all incidents, as a framework to be 

used during the investigation process:




Similar Events



A detailed planning chart with over 600 indicators (categorised by TOP-SET header) gives structure to the  planning stage of the investigation and ensures that ‘nothing is missed’.

The TOP-SET Incident Investigation System is generally seen to be the most comprehensive and user friendly system available. By following the step-by-step process, time / resources spent investigating are  reduced, all avenues of enquiry are explored and the likelihood of investigators having to re-investigate  issues missed is minimised. 

The TOP-SET process ensures that consistent, accurate and evidence-based SMART recommendations and  reports are created.

By effectively learning from all incidents, organisations are better placed to prevent incident reoccurrence  (or repeat in cases of investigating positive events), improve performance and increase overall corporate  profitability.

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